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Ragnarok, a word few know. Those that do fear it... And so they should. Translated... it's meaning becomes more clear and terrifying; End of Days, The Apocalypse, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Total Annihilation, Judgement Day... Uncreation!

The end is near, though this is only known by a few. However even they are unaware just how close the end is. It is a time which has been coming for centuries, but no one ever thought they would live to see it. Though it is coming... And even the all-powerful forces at be, who live between realms, are worried as it leads to their death as well.

Are you ready for the beginning of the end?

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Bad Omens Cover Tough Times Cover A Brutal End Cover
Worlds are not created, they are born into existence. They have a spirit, one which can create life… And one which can be killed. Gaia gave birth to five continents and from those spawned her children. However, one of her children, Aba'ddon, became corrupt with power and hungered to kill and maim and grow ever more powerful. Unable to control her son, Gaia created the Nether where she planned to banish him for eternity. But his powers grew ever stronger and eventually Aba'ddon found a way to influence the mortal realm. Over time, he consumed three of the remaining continents into the Nether and turned his eyes to consuming the last. Gaia has grown weak and can no longer fight her child. It is up to the mortals residing on her last patch of flesh to defend her from the evil which will soon try to swallow up the last of the lands, thus destroying Gaia… And everything she created.

Omens… It has been a long time since they have ever been anything but bad. Told by astronomers, blind men, raving lunatics, prophets and seers. There is no shortage of them. The trick is sorting out the story tellers from those who have actually seen. Seamus has done just that and has summoned a trusted few to listen to one seer’s visions. High up in the mountains of the north he awaits them in the mighty Dwarven city of Űsnef which they must journey to. A voyage long, tiresome and not without its dangers.

Meanwhile, in the city of Rhalastân, a retired General of the King’s Army has taken up a position to cleanse the city by whatever means possible. Balok has stumbled across a cult of Aba’ddon that is tainting the city… His city. With a brute of a man as his bodyguard, Balok is determined to purge them from existence altogether. However Balok soon discovers, all too late, that he is in over his head.

An unlikely hero is among them but all are on a path that will test their strength, their willpower and their endurance. Three different groups headed in three different directions, to learn of their fate and their role in trying to save what is left of this world, unaware that there is not much time left to do so. For a spawn of Aba'ddon is becoming ready to open the gates of the Nether to what’s left of the mortal realm. And once this happens, there is no stopping the coming of Ragnarok!