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Character Profiles


Balok is a retired General of the King's Grand Army. He has taken up a Lordship under the duke of Rhalastân, the biggest city after the King's city of Therâdin, lying on the western coastline. Balok's duties tend to be the sort of duties that need to be handled quickly, efficiantly and most importantly, strictly 'off of the books', far away from the slow turning wheels of the legal system. His methods are somewhat ruthless and a tad extreme, but they get results. Balok is rarely intimidated, but not simply because he has a hulk of a man as a bodyguard, but rather because he fears nothing, including Death. He does have a lighter side but that's only ever seen by his wife and adopted daughter.


A man for hire, a mercenary. Trojan is a fair-skinned Northerner who has a lust for blood. He has seen many a great battles which has left him, somewhat disfigured. Not a man to trifle with, due to his being about seven foot tall and pure muscle. Trojan took up Balok's guard because it allows him to release his lust for violence on Balok's victims without the threat of having a bounty on his head. He's a man of very few words and appears to be without emotion. All in all, the perfect killer.


A monster of a man, even more so than Trojan, with slight anger issues. Though this stems from him being a half-breed which has led him to develope a unique ability that has helped him out of bad situations many times. Drîn is, like Trojan, a mercenary but unlike Trojan, he has no problem with public displays of violence. He has quite a long lived and hard earned reputation which has led the guards in most cities to leave him alone and turn a blind eye, plus not many of them are dumb enough to do otherwise anyway, especially with the wide variety of weapons he openly carries with him. Drîn travels the continent with his close friend Kofi, taking contracts here and there to survive.


A dark-skinned Easterner with a very relaxed attitude. He used to live a relatively simple life before he became good friends Drîn. Amazed at new and wondrous things that life has to offer outside his old way of living. Even the simple things like animals he had never thought to exist delight him. He likes to play with Drîn's mind and on occasion gives him a bit of a hard time. Kofi leaves most of the violence and killing to Drîn but is not afraid to pull the trigger when needed. For a small man, he has a lot of fight in him. His diminutive size, in comparrison to Drîn anyway, leads others to underestimate him, which they usually end up regretting.


A young and beautiful Felinia, more commonly known as the cat people. Na'Leyna has a feisty personality which perfectly suits her fighting style. She is wary of all and does not put her trust in others easily. Na'Leyna thinks she is above all others, except those of the higher order of her clan, and treats people as such. Quick to anger and slow to defuse. She speaks her mind and is generally not afraid of the repercussions. Her main fear is shaming her clan, the result of which would lead to her being cast out. It's the worst judgement any Felinia can receive.


Seamus, a grey haired Gnome, has long been The Grand Master of the Arcane and regarded as the most powerful wizard of his time. He comes across as very wise and serious, without much of a sense of humour. He can seem as somewhat unbalanced as he constantly argues with his dragonbone stave that never leaves his side. Seamus is a very determined little Gnome who pushes himself to achieve what no one else ever could. Telling him that something can't be done would be very unwise and usually results in him proving you wrong...very wrong.


Thogal is a Dwarf, plain and simple. With that comes many stereotypical attributes which he doesn't fail to live up to. He's a strong warrior and although he is never exactly looking for a fight but when they do come his way, he always ensures that he comes out on top in some shape or form. If you are on his good side he is very relaxed and easy going, though can be a tad stubborn. His trust is priceless and his friendship worth more than any mountain of gold. The kind of Dwarf to stick by you until the end, or at least until the job is done, which ever happens first. He won't admit it, but some think he may just have a slight drinking problem.