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Mayhem… An understatement to say the least. I don’t even know where to begin. So, my last post was in October. If you have been following my FB updates you would have noticed I blamed the editing site. Well here I am at my parents place and I am experiencing no problems. So I can assume the problem lies in the way the internet is set up in my apartment, which is controlled by the building manager. Something I will need to look into. This also leads me to believe that some of my other computer problems can be traced back to an issue with the internet.

Ok, rant over.

So in that time, I have moved into my own apartment which was carried out over the course of several weeks, I had the apartment painted and re-carpeted which knocked out writing progress unfortunately. Then the continual minor improvements to make it my home as opposed to some random apartment.

Then when that had all settled down I started at university to advance my skill set. As you can imagine, that comes with its own stress of readings, attending lectures and tutorials, assignments, study and exams. Uni, along with work, has cut out a lot of my social time, not to mention time spent on much loved hobbies!

I have managed to find pockets of time here and there to get around 7 chapters in I think.

The world has opened up. The first book focused on the western half of the continent, specifically in Rhalastan and The North. Our parties are now starting to explore the rest of the western half and one party in particular is travelling into the dangerous deserts to the east.

The scene has been set in the first book, and in the second I am trying to flesh it out. The three different parties each face their problems which will put them through their paces and stretch their abilities. I don’t want to give too much away for the sake of following the story. But as a writer, I just want to spill all of my ideas as they are exciting and interesting. I’m sure my friends get tired of hearing me babble on about it. I can’t help it, it’s a passion!

I have had an editor go through Bad Omens and made some suggestions and grammatical changes etc. I have only gone through one chapter so far, as time is not my friend… ;) When university finishes up at the end of June, I will have a good chunk of time to finish going over the edit and hopefully get stuck into the second in the trilogy.

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Until next time :)

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