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It sure has been a while...

Whoa!… Can’t believe the year is almost at an end!

It has been a few months since my last blog post. Time just flies by sometimes it seems. And at other times, it can’t go fast enough. To be honest, the main reason I am blogging is that a friend of mine mentioned to me that the post of my Bad Omens first chapter was not formatted correctly and I had to have a look. Lo and behold he was right! I had just done a copy and paste job from MS Word, not realising the formatting didn’t carry over. One would think I look at these things yet I must have been busy or distracted… Probably a combination of both :p So I went to edit the post though quickly thought otherwise as it would have taken an age to format the work. Then I realised…Alexis, this book is now on Kindle! People can sample more than just the first chapter from there so why bother?

Though now that I am here, I should probably let you know what is happening.

Life, as you know, can get quite hectic at times. And to say I have been busy is quite the understatement! As all people will know, work has a habit of getting in the way of one’s creative streak. Outside of work I am also continually trying to improve my life. The most important of which is working my way to move into a place of my own. Which has been stressful beyond belief! Though I have done it! This author has a place to call her own now. I am yet to move in, though that is not too far off. Once this has happened, I am hoping that life will ease up and my creative side will have a bit more free rein.

Boring personal stuff aside. I bet you are itching to know how the next instalment is coming along. If you have been following my FaceBook feed, you would have noticed that I am in the midst of chapter 6 and have written over 20,000 words! It is looking like this one is going to be longer than the last! I won’t give too much away, however Rough Times (yes I know it was originally planned as Tough Times)is developing nicely. New characters will be introduced, adding to the dynamic of current relationships and necessary for the story to evolve. This book also takes some darker turns, characters are faced with tougher decisions and new characters are certainly put through their paces.

With Bad Omens setting up the trilogy, I can only now really get into the thick of things. Though it is not all gloom and doom. Light moments are to be had, maybe even hints of romance…who knows. But one thing is for sure, Rough Times is certainly setting the third instalment up for an epic read. I avoided the word ending…because as a reader the story doesn’t end. The writer may end his books for that series but the story continues on in my mind. The characters just don’t cease to exist, they live on…differently to how everyone else imagines it too…and I think that is magical! I only hope that when I type the last full stop…that you, the reader, will have more adventures with them, your way.

As this blog comes to an end, be happy with the knowledge that Rough Times is taking shape. I can’t leave you hanging for too long. Now, in the words of Thogal… “Drink!”

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