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A long awaited update

It has been a while since I have blogged anything and I appologise for that. But as you all know, the last few months have been busy getting Bad Omens up to scratch to put it out into the big bad world on Kindle. I am proud of the work I have produced considering it has mostly been a solitary effort and journey. That being said there are those who have had a subtle influence into the editing.

Bad Omens is a book that has been a long time in the making. Being rewritten entirely from a 65,000 word book I wrote when I was 16 with (at that age) a very limited understanding of writing. The story is is set in the same world but everything else has been changed. For the better I imagine.

Bad Omens was completely written on the fly with the planning solely in my head. And as I came to finishing the book I realised that it was the worst way to write. As a result there has been many…many rewrites and touch ups. Chapters were deleted, moved around and new ones written in. The timeline was created after the first draft which created so much extra work for myself.

However, I got there in the end and I hope that you are pleased with the story and appreciate the hard work that has been put into it.

The second book in the trilogy has been started recently. Currently named Rough Times, it picks up almost directly after the first, which only makes sense I guess. Though this time, character chapters have been planned and a timeline has been devised before any writing took place. I have also noted places of interest, characters of mild to great importance and their relationship to the story among many other important planning information. I am trying to make Rough Times as easy to write the first time around so there is less post draft work. Even though I know that is inevitable…I’m just hoping it is drastically less.

Rough Times is a grittier book than the first. Everyone gets into the thick of things, dangers, encounters and challenges etc. I am currently working on the third chapter which involves Pandora, who plays a much larger role in this book. I am very happy with how it is continuing from the first in the series and am excited to write some of the more intense chapters further in.

As Rough Times has been planned out a whole lot better, I am hoping that it will take less to write the first draft and that there will be less post draft tweaking. Though it is understandable that there will be mild breaks in between writing as I have to work which pays the bills and attempt to have a social life.

So keep watching my Facebook and Twitter feeds to get more regular updates and I will try to write more full blogs about what is happening in the future.

I would also like to thank those who have already supported me by purchasing Bad Omens and I only hope you are enjoying it.

Well that is all from me for now. Thank you again and stay tuned.

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