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Characters - Salt and Lilith


An Amazonian woman from the central forests (thinking of a more apt name for them) surrounding the Looming Mountain. At 6’6”, she is physically fit with a slightly tanned skin, green eyes and chocolate wavy hair. As her power is channelled from nature around her, Salt does not carry a stave like most mages of the magikal persuasion. The trinkets she garbs herself in does help focus her power. Salt also paints herself with markings of magikal glyphs.

Although imbued with magik, Salt does not entirely rely on her connection with the “unnatural” and thus is well-abled when using “primitive” weapons to get the job done. She has grown fond of The Dragon’s tail, which is a metal chained whip with an oversized serrated spear-head on the end. In addition, Salt has grown an attachment to two 4ft fighting sticks that join to make an 8ft Bo staff.

Salt knows how to have a laugh in familiar company and has quite the sarcastic, if not dark, sense of humour. Though strangers tend to see a more raw and serious side. Salt doesn’t suffer fools and is not afraid to let that be known.
Salt comes across a little unbalanced, quite like Seamus, as there are moments where she seems to be talking to herself. Though this is not so. She has an uncanny link to the spirits that reside in Limbo which enables her to see and converse with them. Salt uses this to her advantage and can send those willing on certain quests involving spying or checking the road ahead. However not all spirits are helpful. Some like to torment Salt which causes her great frustration.


Once a servant of Abb’addon, Lilith has now decided to seek redemption, turning on her brothers in a bid to try and deny Abb’addon of his victory… Or at least that is her aim.

Human in appearance and looming at a height of 6’2”, Lilith is often mistaken for a vampire. This is due to her pale skin, black eyes and dark hair. Lilith is a child-eater and draws her power from the young lives she takes. With her new views on life, Lilith resents the method in how she fuels her power and struggles denying that ‘pleasure’ which is innate in her physiology. Lilith needs her strength and power if she is to succeed in defeating her kin and is thus disgusted with herself that she must continue her inherent ritual.

She has become known as ‘Lilith of the crows’ in various dark circles. She acquired her calling due to the particular darkness of which was drawn to her. Tattoos of crows litter her shoulders, back and arms. Though tattoos they do not remain for they are her servants and crawl from her skin at her will to do her bidding.

Empowered with unnatural strength, quick healing and reflexes, Lilith also has a grasp of some of the darker talents of magik. These being curses, inflictions and such. A skilled unarmed fighter, Lilith still utilizes the calling of cold steel including throwing knives, a one-handed shooter, poisoned daggers and a sturdy short sword. This demon has, ironically, become quite the demon hunter herself.


  • Michael McDermott:

    16 Apr 2014 08:29:43

    Great description! I look forward to reading the book! Have you managed to finish it yet? X

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