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How do I start?...What do I say?... What would you want to know?

I suppose I should keep it relative to why you are here in the first place. I'm a professional daydreamer which, believe me, is hard work. It means continuous multitasking so that it appears I am working at the same time as sending my mind off on adventurous journeys. Daydreaming allows my imagination to wonder in search for ideas for characters, stories and settings. Every time I think of something that could be used, I store it in my mind. This definitely pushes my memory to the test as I seem to be able to remember all my crazy ideas for my writing but the 'important' stuff, well that seems to be pushed back from my immediate recollection zone of my mind to the dusty chasms of my memory vault.

So why do I write? When I was younger I really enjoyed reading. I can remember that I was really into the original Goosebumps series back in 1995.

I continued with this love of reading through to the end of my primary school years. But when I started high school, I found a greater joy in video games, becoming quite the nerd. Reading took a back seat and even if it was required for school, I would try and find shortcuts online to retrieve answers and write book reviews. I would even try to choose books that had a video if we ever had to do reports on books.

Towards the end of high school I felt an urge to read again though I really struggled to find a book that I could get lost in. I begrudgingly read a couple of books from different authors but I just couldn't get 'hooked'. A thought came to me, "If I can't find a book that enjoy reading, why not write one myself?" And so I did. I was inspired to write a fantasy from a video game that I had really enjoyed, 'Mark of the Summoner'. I planned to write this as a quadrilogy, you know...start with easy tasks *rolls eyes about*. But why not dream big?

So it was there I started. I modified the story so it was more my own but after not reading mature books for so long, the sentence structure, punctuation story development...and the rest, was quite dreadful. It took me several years, through my first years of university, before I had most of a book consisting of 65,980 words. Unfortunately studies had to take a priority and my book writing diminished. I finished university and started working as a teacher in Australia at a lovely private school, the book still not being touched. After a year, I moved to London to start supply teaching to explore what Europe had to offer. A friend of mine, Adam, gave me a going away present which changed everything. He gave me the first book in a Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie and I couldn't put the book down.

After that, I ate up his other two titles in the series very quickly which revived my desire to write again. I dug out what I had previously written and read over it, cringing all the while at how horrible it was. After putting it down I thought to myself, "I love the story and the world I had created, but it needs a complete overhaul". Though funnily enough, when I started writing the Ragnorok series, the story, characters and everything else completely changed. Even the time in relation to the old book changed drastically, about 400 years after what I had originally written.

So I carried on writing Bad Omens while Teaching and enjoying life and everything it had to offer. At the same time, I have developed my skill in photography, worked hard to produce some creative charcoal pieces, dabbled in 3D design, started learning the piano, took up martial arts and have even joined an adult ballet and tap dancing studio. It's amazing I can find time to write.

Admittedly I go through good phases where I can pump out two or three chapters a week, then other times I may not write for a few months because of other stresses life has to offer. Bad Omens took about three and a half years with many ups and downs, but I know it can be done. So I'm hoping that the following two titles in the trilogy will be easier to write and get out to you all.

I could go on and on about the things I do, places I've been, wonders I've seen, experiences I've had and all that palaver, but perhaps I'll leave that for an autobiography at a later stage.

All I ask of you is to read, enjoy and explore my imagination with me.

(Photo courtesy of Giles G Photography)